Rich A. Marino  |  QR Codes and URL Shortening Services

This server provides specialized URL shortening services to various stakeholders with which I am affiliated.

Analytics Data

Analytics Data collected consists soley of a timestamp and scan count. This information is no more than what is normally contained in server logs.

The information obtained is NOT used to personally identify or target anyone who scans the codes, and is simply collected to maintain quality of service, billing of advertisers (if applicable), and analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns utilizing said QR Codes and URL shorteners. This is similar to information collected by

QR Code Security

There is the risk that a QR code may be vandalized. Please take care of where QR Codes go. If in doubt, don't scan.

Note that any QR Code that passes through this site (actually contains should be very secure, as my shortening services are not available to the public, and only at my discresion. The target of a particular short link cannot be altered through a web interface, so there is virtually no risk that someone will have altered the target. There is, in some cases, the risk that the site that the short link points to may have been compromised. If this occurs, please contact me so that I may take measures to mitigate damage.

Can you hack my computer/phone/tablet/device from a QR code?

It is, however, possible for someone to create a QR code linking to a phishing site, or malware.

The worst damage someone can do directly with a QR code is get the IP address of the requester, which is the same information that is collected any time one accesses a web server.

How can I make a QR Code?

You can use, which uses the Google Chart API. For additonal control, you can also use the excellent Han-Soft Free 2D Barcode Generator (Windows only).

Note that I am affiliated with neither of these products, and take no responsibility for any damage caused by using either of the above products.

Will you provide these services to me?

These services are very limited. Speak to me in person and perhaps something can be arranged.