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I am a technologist with a foundation in electrical engineering and software development. My expertise lies in processing real-time financial market data, supporting and implementing latency-critical trading systems, and optimizing high-performance, low-latency networking solutions. Additionally, I possess a wealth of experience in various technical areas, including systems programming, kernel/driver development across Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms, as well as cross-platform system administration.

I have diverse technical experience, spanning virtualization, software-defined networking, LAN/WAN implementation, TCP/IP stack development, offload tuning, kernel bypass, UDP multicast application development, and expertise in routing protocols such as OSPF and BGP, including on the public internet.

I also operate a global anycast content distribution and packet acceleration network, AS207419 (Richard Marino).

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, skiing, golfing, boating, and exploring retro technology.

Resume (PDF)
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AS 207419 (Richard Marino), my global network.
Miami Beach Systems, my consulting firm.